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Silver City Auctions is the product of several structural changes that have occurred since the early 2000’s. We are currently owned and operated by the Nauert Family in Findlay, Ohio and are home of some of the finest numismatic rare coin auctions on the internet. With our experience dealing in rare coins and currency, we are able to bring some of the highest quality consignments to our bidders. In addition to rare coins and currency, you will find sports memorabilia, antiques, & jewelry scattered throughout our catalogs.

In addition to operating online as Silver City Auctions, we are known locally as Howard Rare Coin Gallery, where we buy and sell coins, currency, precious metals, jewelry, and vintage sports cards and memorabilia.

Here at Silver City Auctions, we truly are friends who happen to be co-workers. Being a rather small outfit, we all wear several hats and work together to bring you two amazing auctions each week.

Dave Nauert is the owner of Silver City Auctions. He has been in the coin business since 2002 and has been a licensed auctioneer since 2012. In addition to being Diet Coke’s biggest consumer, he is a life member of the American Numismatic Association (ANA).

Previously, Dave was a TV producer at PBS. He says he still can’t watch movies without thinking about camera angles and editing.

Robyn operates the Proxibid bidding console for us. In her free time she participates in a bowling league and enjoys watching her children play hockey and soccer. If she is not busy with sports, she enjoys converting her homegrown veggies into juice and salsa, as well as touring breweries and wineries.

Nichole is our MVP. She has the difficult task of keeping everyone in line. From invoicing to ordering office supplies, Nichole can juggle multiple tasks simultaneously without breaking a sweat. When asked for her favorite quote, Nichole quoted Babe Ruth, saying “Never let the fear of striking out keep you from playing the game.” It’s clear by her determination that Nichole does not back away from a challenge.

Nichole has been with us for five years, currently holding the role of Office Manager.

Heather is our in-house Disney Expert. She loves all things Disney from building Lego replicas of Cinderella’s Castle to recommending fine cuisine at various locations throughout the parks. As a child, she wanted to be an accountant, but has since revised her dreams to becoming a real princess.

It’s been two years since Heather has joined us, fearlessly handling all aspects of consignments.

Jaqi is our self-proclaimed Director of Photography. The title is very fitting, as more than half of the photos in each auction have been taken by her. She truly sets the standard for all of the photos that we take each week. Outside of work, Jaqi enjoys playing video games, watching Netflix, and dog sitting for Tiffany.

Jaqi has been meticulously photographing coins here for two years.

Tiffany is a bean-loving vegetarian who enjoys planning office pranks and carrying them out. If there are any shenanigans going on, Tiffany is behind it! She loves spoiling her two dogs, a schnauzer named Lily and a labradoodle named Gus.

Tiffany’s role here is really anything and everything that needs done. She’s ready to help out in anything from getting packages shipped to taking pictures of coins. In her two years here, she’s even been known to vacuum popcorn kernels from the auction room floor a time or two.

Jenny is our resident farm girl. At home she cares for many different animals from cats to miniature donkeys. In the office, Jenny tackles the beast that is Marketing and Customer Engagement. On top of all the customer support she provides, she curates our website to make sure our best foot is polished and forward at all times. Jenny has a background in music. She can often be heard humming or singing as she works.

Jenny has been serenading us for over a year and a half now.

Cheri is probably the most thoughtful person we’ve ever met. She pays close attention to the details and really puts a personal touch on everything she works on. She prides herself on creating one-of-a-kind gifts that usually involve her Cricut machine.

Here at Silver City Auctions, Cheri is our Shipping Queen. If you ever have a shipping issue, Cheri will go above and beyond to track it down and get into your hands as soon as possible. She is your ally when it comes to contacting local post offices and shipping hubs to investigate your shipping issues.

Roger is our shop manager. He is the first person most encounter when they walk through our door.  Upon entering our shop, each customer is greeted as if they are an old friend. Before they walk out the door, he always ensures they know he appreciates them greatly. He enjoys getting to know our customers and is always up for a friendly chat. Roger has had many hobbies and professions throughout his life, which make for some great stories.

Roger’s personal interests involve collecting coins, and sports. He also has a deep appreciation for Sandra Bullock.