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June 8th Silver City Rare Coin & Currency Auction

June 8, 2021

11:00 am

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1914-D 1c, 1879-CC MORGAN, 1884-S MORGAN, 1903-S MORGAN, 1925 STONE MTN COMMEM, 1936 YORK COMMEM, 1941-S WALKING 50c, 1885-O MORGAN, 1921 MERCURY 10c, 1925-S CALI COMMEM, 1927 VERMONT COMMEM, 1854-S $3 GOLD, 1838 $5 GOLD, 1924-S 1c, 1900-S BARBER 50c, 1884-S MORGAN, 1854 T2 $1 GOLD, 1837 NO STARS SEATED 10c, 1919-S MERCURY 10c, 1942/1 MERCURY 10c, 1887-O MORGAN, 1921-D MORGAN, 251-253 TREB. GALLUS, 125-70 BC TETRADRACHM, 211-208 BC AR VICTORIATUS, 95-75 BC PHILIP I, 440-404 BC AR TETRADRACHM, AD 247-249 PHILIP II, 1896-O MORGAN, 1856 FLYING EAGLE 1c, 1872 2 CENT, 1833 HALF CENT, 1822 LARGE 1c, 1826 LRG 1c, 1846 MED DATE LARGE 1c, 1896-S BARBER 25c, 1853 SEATED 50c, 1842 SEATED $1, 1875-S TRADE $1, 1878-CC GSA MORGAN SOFT PACK, 1879-CC MORGAN, 1892-S MORGAN, 1924-S PEACE, 1913 NEWFOUNDLAND 1c, 1917-S NEWFOUNDLAND 50c, 1899 CANADA 50c1904 $5 GOLD, 1904 $20 GOLD

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